Superior is a life insurance programme which is unique at the market, since it offers three insured amounts with only one premium:

• In case of one of the 23 insured diseases
• In case of another disease from other groups
• In case of death as a result of disease and/or accident

And this is not all! When your insurance expires (except in case of death), 90% of the premium is returned.

All persons aged 16 to 55 can get this insurance. The minimum duration of the policy is 5 and the maximum 30 years. 

YES to Superior

In case of a severe disease, the payment obligation for the agreed coverage will be decreased.

When the insured amount has been paid out upon occurrence of one severe disease, the premium that is to be paid from that point onward will be decreased, while the insured amount for other risks remains the same. If a disease from another group of diseases occurs afterwards, the insured amount is paid out again.

Return of premium  

Return of the paid premium upon expiry of insurance in the amount of up to 90% (except in case of death).

A unique package of insured risks

Superior is unique since it covers a whole range of insured risks in one package. Besides the fact that premium is returned upon expiry of insurance, this package also insures the risk of death and disease. The list of 23 severe diseases covers a wide range of health risks and includes six types of transplantations as the latest medical care techniques.


23 severe diseases covered by the Superior insurance policy


Additional advantages provided by Superior!

Opting for our Package Plus Programme along with your life insurance policy, besides the casualty insurance and performed surgical procedure insurance, you will get our Loyalty Programme card, which brings the following benefits:

  • Discounts for purchase of goods and services from our Loyalty Programme partners (fitness centers, polyclinics, hotels, healthy food shops, sport equipment shops).
  • Assistance services – medical assistance and assistance at home.


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