Vienna osiguranje is the first insurance company actively working on prevention which leads  to a quality life and health, and it provides active support to the community, through projects aimed at encouraging healthy and active lifestyle.

Aware of the fact that working and life habits are acquired very early, we are dedicated to projects oriented towards improvement and development of quality of life of all BiH citizens, and especially the youngest among them, our children. Through these activities we are trying to stimulate professionals, teachers, parents and authorities to take part in this noble mission, and encourage other companies to implement the same or similar projects. In the past we have initiated and implemented a significant number of projects, such as „In Healthy School, Healthy Kids“ - a project of improvement of sports activities and healthy eating habits in schoolchildren, the already traditional „Run4Lifestyle“ night race, free checkups for children in four major BH cities, free schools of swimming and skiing for kids from SOS Children's Villages BiH, and numerous other activities, donations and sponsorships.

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