The SUPER ŠT-OS Programme is an ideal combination of saving and insurance from consequences of an accident for children and youth. It provides a significant security for children in their 19th year and, at the same time, contributes to alleviation of possible consequences of an accident that took place in the insured period. This programme represents the basis for the entering of a young person into an independent life.

Only children of up to 14 years of age can be beneficiaries of this insurance.

Payments in case of occurrence of the insured event


Upon expiry of the insurance, when the insured person is 19 years old, a guaranteed agreed amount is paid out, along with the share in profit.

Hospital fee in case of an accident

An agreed amount is paid for each day spent in a hospital due to a disease or an accident of the insured person.

Permanent disability as a result of an accident

In case of a permanent disability, the following is paid out: the guaranteed amount which corresponds to the percentage of permanent disability of up to 50%; above 50%, the percentage doubles. For example, if an 80% disability has been established, the payment calculation method is: 50% + (2x30%) = 110%.

Bone breakage as a result of an accident

If an accident results in breakage of a bone, a fee in the amount of EUR 100 or EUR 200 is paid, regardless of a possible permanent disability fee and the number of bones broken.

Costs of burial in case of an accident

Costs of burial are covered, the upper limit being the agreed insured amount, as well as the paid savings premium increased by the profit attributed to that point.

Additional advantages of the Super-Štos Programme

  • Discounts of up to 20% in health institutions included in the network of our partners for life insurance policy holders.


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