We all wish to continue enjoying our lives even after we stop working, to live long and have time and money at our disposal. This is achievable if we decide to undertake something today for our brighter tomorrow.

The Pension Insurance is an interesting opportunity for individuals and groups who are willing to invest and enjoy a guaranteed payment mode that implies the dynamic and amount that suits them best.


Vienna Insurance’s Pension Insurance provides you with an opportunity to enjoy your golden age with additional and regular monthly amounts and the sense of security for you and your family.


The basic characteristics of the Pension Insurance:

  • every year, the amount of your pension is increased with calculated attributed profit
  • in case of death of the policy owner, the pension is paid out to a beneficiary or beneficiaries named in the insurance policy until the insurance expiry date or the expiry of the guaranteed payment deadline
  • the agreed pension cannot be changed during the insurance period
  • during the insurance period, the rent can be paid out to the beneficiary appointed by policy holder (child, cousin, parents, etc.)
  • pension beneficiary can be altered during the insurance period as often as the policy holder wants


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