Optimum is a health insurance programme that offers:

  • coverage in case of 23 severe diseases
  • suspension of payment of the premium after the first severe disease emerges, while the coverage for another disease remains active
  • two insured amounts in case two severe diseases set in while the insurance is valid

All persons aged 16 to 55 can get this insurance. The minimum duration of the policy is 5 and the maximum 20 years. 

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Suspension of premium payment in case of a severe disease

After the insured amount for a severe disease has been paid out, the obligation of premium payment is suspended, but the coverage of another severe disease remains active – free of charge! If a disease from another group occurs, the insured amount will be paid out again.


A comprehensive package of insured risks

The list of 23 insured severe diseases acknowledges a wide range of health risks and includes six types of transplantations as the most advanced medical care techniques.


Treatment costs ensured

The insured amount is paid out upon emergence of the first and the second severe disease, which provides families with the financial means they need for treatments.

23 severe diseases covered with the Optimum insurance policy:


Join our Loyalty Programme!

Opting for our Package Plus Programme along with your life insurance policy, besides the casualty insurance and performed surgical procedure insurance, you will get our Loyalty Programme card, which brings the following benefits:

  • Discounts for purchase of goods and services from our Loyalty Programme partners (fitness centers, polyclinics, hotels, healthy food shops, sport equipment shops).
  • Assistance services – medical assistance and assistance at home.

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