The Mixed Life Insurance is a timely care for your future and your family. This is the most convenient combination of life insurance and saving that we offer to you today to provide you with a brighter tomorrow.

All persons aged 14 to 65 can get this insurance. Its duration is 5 to 40 years. Expiry of the insurance is the policy holder's 75th birthday at latest.

This insurance is available for both individuals and groups and the payment method is adapted to the needs of the client – one-time payment, annual payments or payments that are more frequent than the annual.

Insured cases

The Mixed Life Insurance implies the payment of the agreed insured amount and the share in the profit in case of survival, as well as the payment of the guaranteed insured amount increased by the profit attributed to that point in case of a premature death of the policy holder.

In case of death of the policy holder caused by an accident, an additional guaranteed agreed amount is paid out, in case this has been defined upon the signing of the agreement.

For a more comprehensive coverage, along with the Mixed Insurance Programme we offer:

  • insurance for consequences of accidents in cases of permanent disability, the breaking of bones, hospital stays, costs of medical treatments
  • insurance covering performed surgical interventions which implies the payment of a fixed insured amount, depending on complexity of the performed operation (min. EUR 300 to max. EUR 3,000).
  • Insurance against severe diseases which implies payment in case of 23 severe diseases twice during the duration of insurance, along with a halt in payment of premium in case of the first severe disease, while the agreed coverage for a second severe disease remains active

Additional advantages brought to you by the Mixed Insurance Programme!

Opting for our Package Plus Programme along with your life insurance policy, besides the casualty insurance and performed surgical procedure insurance, you will get our Loyalty Programme card, which brings the following benefits:

  • discounts for purchase of goods and services from our Loyalty Programme partners (fitness centers, polyclinics, hotels, healthy food shops, sport equipment shops)
  • assistance services – medical assistance and assistance at home


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