Based on our business orientation aimed at providing additional services to our clients throughout the duration of their insurance policies in order to improve their future, Vienna osiguranje has developed a unique program at the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina - the Loyalty Program. We do not want to be an insurer our clients will meet only when they conclude their insurance policies, upon their expiry or in case of adverse events we avoid thinking about. On the contrary, we want to be there for our clients even when everything is fine and support them in developing healthy life habits and an active improvement of the quality of their lives.

Promotion of prevention of poor health, physical activity, balanced and healthy diet, as well as the necessary relaxation in the stressful everyday life present the basic guidelines of our moto “Today for Your Tomorrow”.

In these types of services, the Vienna osiguranje Loyalty Program offers significant benefits provided by our partners in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Each client who concludes a life and health insurance contract has the right to use the Loyalty Program, regardless of the amount of premium and duration of the insurance contract. This way, we want to provide all with an equal right to a better tomorrow.

In order to enjoy the benefits of the Loyalty Program when using services of our loyalty partners, simply show the Vienna osiguranje Loyalty Program card you have received upon conclusion of your insurance contract. This card is free of charge for our clients and there are no monthly, annual or any other fees for its use.

Depending on the insurance product you choose, you will have two Vienna osiguranje Loyalty Program cards – the Green and the Blue Card.

The right to the Vienna Osiguranje Loyalty Program Green Card is awarded to all clients who conclude life insurance contracts with additional health insurance packages. This card ensures special advantages in form of significant discounts in a wide network of our loyalty partners (polyclinics, sport equipment shops, fitness centers, wellness and spa hotels and centers, etc.).


Further, holders of the Green cards will have a 24h use of medical assistance and assistance at home, as explained below:
In case of a hospital stay exceeding 24 hours due to an accident or an illness, upon your return home, the assistance offers:
• Visits of a doctor
• Visits of a nurse
• Assistance at home (purchase of food and medicaments, cleaning)
• Information on medicaments and pharmacies
• Information on specialist doctors and closest medical institutions


This service includes services of craftsmen: plumber, electrician, locksmith, glazier and carpenter in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, at policy holder's address, in case of emergency interventions.

Phone number for medical assistance services at your home: 080 030 602.


All policy holders who choose any of the great number of our attractive life insurance products become holders of the Vienna Osiguranje Loyalty Program Blue Card.

This card ensures special benefits and discounts on medical examinations in our partner polyclinics in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


You will find information on the wide network of Vienna Osiguranje Loyalty partners, their locations and contacts if you press the Loyalty Program Card photo above or at the following links: Loyalty Program partners and Our partner polyclinics.