Sports encounters of insurance companies in BiH

Date of publication: 03.10.2016

Last month the first encounters of insurance companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina were held in Teslić, and 21 insurance company participated in this event.

Employees of Vienna osiguranje (former: Merkur BH osiguranje) draw positive attention of other encounters participants. They excelled because of their look, equipment, and above all, team work and results confirmed by cups awarded for the first places won in volleyball and table tennis for women.

The encounters also included a professional-educative and sports-competition segments, which were used for getting acquainted and for exchange of experience. The event was opened by the director of the Insurance Supervisory Agency of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mr. Dinko Musulin.

In the professional-educative segment, round tables on actual insurance issues were held, whereas sports competitions were held in 11 tournaments - five in team sports (football for men, basketball for women and men, volleyball for women and men) and six in individual sports (bowling for women and men, table tennis for women and men, darts for women and chess for men).

Vienna osiguranje, as one of leaders in the life insurance market, participated in the encounters, and its representatives competed in volleyball for women, football for men, table tennis and bowling.

Vienna osiguranje has used the encounters to promote healthy lifestyle and sports spirit among its employees who demonstrated, through their participation, that team work can lead to achieving the common goal.