Improvement of eating and living habits

Applications to be submitted for the „In Healthy Schools, Healthy Kids“ project

Date of publication: 14.02.2017

In October last year, Vienna osiguranje (former: Merkur BH osiguranje), through its visual and contents rebranding announced a new project directed to children and improvement of their eating and living habits. Under the „In Healthy Schools, Healthy Kids“ project, free sports-health check-ups for children from four BH towns were organized, as well as free swimming and skiing schools for kids in SOS children's villages in BiH. Parallelly, Vienna osiguranje announced the continuation of the aforementioned project in primary schools, with the aim of promoting healthy eating habits, regular physical activities and healthy lifestyle in schoolchildren.

„Through the „In Healthy Schools, Healthy Kids“ project we want to promote a healthy lifestyle, especially healthy eating. Our goal is to transform this project into a tradition in which increasing number of schools and their students will participate,’’ – Sabina Mujanović, director of Vienna osiguranje, pointed out. Teachers, children and their parents can submit proposals of their projects focused on appropriate psychological development of children, adoption of appropriate hygienic habits, different counselling, workshops, creation of healthy menus, planting of the school garden, arrangement of the school garden, procurement of new sports equipment, introduction of extracurricular activities, etc. by April 15, 2017.

The jury shall select the three best projects and support their implementation through awarding of valuable monetary prizes. BAM 10,000 have been secured for the winner, BAM 5,000 for the second best project, and BAM 3,000 for the third best project.

 „In Healthy Schools, Healthy Kids“ project shall be implemented with the assistance of competent ministries of education, culture and health, whereby invitation to apply for the project and all details of the project implementation shall be available on the official FB page of the „In Healthy Schools, Healthy Kids“ project.