Vienna osiguranje

Vienna osiguranje d.d. is a member of Vienna Insurance Group - VIG which, with its 50 companies in 25 countries and over 25,000 employees, represents a leading insurance group in Austria, Central and Eastern Europe.

Vienna osiguranje d.d. is the first insurance company in BiH which, besides offering preventive and innovative insurance programs, rises the understanding of life to a higher level, offering different services throughout the insurance duration, and not only when necessary. We are well aware that life is much more than an insurance policy, whereby we provide a lifestyle. Namely, Vienna osiguranje d.d. has been offering a wide range of life and non-life products through which we promote creation of a lifestyle, making the future of our policy users comfortable. Today we are doing everything for your future. Vienna osiguranje d.d.’s focus on prevention makes it unique in the market, because through a proactive care dedicated to sports, eating and other similar habits of its policyholders it wants to contribute actively to rising awareness that prevention is better than recovery. Thereby, the „Today for Your Tomorrow“ slogan is an accurate representation of our business orientation and progressive thinking that offers bright future with current innovative services.

Some of the reasons that make the clients opt for Vienna osiguranje d.d.: over 200,000 concluded insurance agreements, the biggest network of business partners, and rich and substantive program of loyalty partners. At the same time, several centuries long tradition, huge experience and expertise of our mother company in Austria, as well as additional insurance provided to our clients by renowned domestic and foreign reinsurance companies, are an unparalleled guarantee of stability and security of our policyholders' investment in their better tomorrow.

Vienna Insurance Group

Vienna Insurance Group – VIG is an international insurance group with head office in Vienna, Austria. Since the 90s, VIG has been rapidly developing from mostly Austrian company to an international group. With more than 190 years of tradition, it is today a synonym for stability and professionalism in provision of security and financial risk protection. Since its inception in 1824 until now, it has been providing services to more than 20 million of policyholders.

Outside Austria, VIG's business operations are focused on Central and Eastern Europe. Since the use of insurance services on this market is significantly below than the European average, through its active presence VIG tends to improve the level of financial risk protection the region’s inhabitants face.

VIG upholds the multi-brand strategy based on the local market and local management because it believes that ultimate key to success is being close to clients, which is mainly established through local companies and expertise, with active support provided by the mother company in Austria.

VIG's rating, issued by the renowned rating agency, Standard & Poor’s, is A+, with a stable prognosis, which positions it as the best-positioned company based on the index of leading shares in the Vienna Stock Exchange (ATX).

VIG map of countries, with Bosnia and Herzegovina especially marked, is presented in continuation.


 Vienna osiguranje d.d.

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